Craniosacral Therapy (CST) for Depression, Stress and Anxiety
 Many causes can contribute to depression but one thing we do know is that the mind can have a powerful effect on our body’s health and well-being. Our modern lives seem constantly to put us in stressful situations, which can lead to irrational anxieties. When we feel stressed, our bodies flood with hormones to prepare us for a ‘fight or flight’ situation, increasing our heart rate, blood pressure and quickening our breathing. When this happens regularly, our bodies and minds start to suffer, which can lead to undue pressure on our organs, hypertension (high blood pressure) and an increased risk of heart attack. It can also start to reinforce negative thoughts and feelings, making us anxious about new situations or filling us with dread for the day ahead.
Managing stress and anxiety is one way to help protect your health and well-being and may also help to stave off depression. Regular exercise and healthy eating coupled with measures to avoid or limit the stress in your life and ensuring you get adequate sleep, rest and relaxation go a long way to help sufferers but complementary therapies may also help support conventional treatments, increasing effectiveness in managing the condition.
Whilst the medical profession is now taking mental health more seriously, patients tend to be medicated instead of cured, with access to successful talking and cognitive behaviour therapies being strictly limited. Craniosacral therapy takes a new approach to aiding and supporting those living with depression, stress and anxiety by helping the body deal with physical and emotional stresses held as tension stored by the body’s soft tissues. Using a light corrective touch that focuses on bringing your central nervous system back into balance, CST gently manipulates any tensions and blockages within the spinal coloumn and cranial bones, allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to flow freely and enabling better tissue function through increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Emotions that have been stored as tension within the soft tissues are released. People often report a feeling of deep relaxation after a session, helping to reduce stress immediately.



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