Reflexology FAQs
Is Reflexology for me?

Yes! Reflexology is suitable for everyone. Even if you have ticklish feet! It is a safe, non-invasive massage treatment that focuses on the feet and hands and occasionally the ears that has been developed to aid deep relaxation, unblock energy paths and increase blood flow to specific and problematic areas of the body. It can be highly beneficial in pregnancy, extremely helpful in assisting the terminally ill and ideal for combating work related stress, even in the workplace. However, there are some types of Reflexology I offer that may not be suitable for everyone; for example, Hot Stone Reflexology should not be used on diabetics. It can help alleviate a wide variety of conditions but you do not have to be unwell to benefit from Reflexology.
What can I expect when I come to see you?

Firstly, I will answer any questions you have and listen to your reasons for coming to see me. I will ask you a number of questions, which will cover your medical history, your lifestyle and your general health and well-being that will help me better understand your specific needs. Then, you will lay fully clothed on the treatment couch (I will ask you to remove your shoes and socks and possibly any rings you are wearing). If you find it difficult to lie flat, you can lie on your side or sit in a chair. After some initial relaxation, I will then use my thumb and forefinger to apply pressure to specific areas of your feet and possibly your hands.

At the end of your session, we can discuss your experience and I can make any recommendations for further treatment. A session generally lasts an hour, though this can vary.
I’m stuck at work… Can you come to me?

Yes! I appreciate modern life is hectic, leaving little time to devote to preventative healthcare and well-being, so, I offer ‘Power Reflexology Sessions’. This is a quick stress-buster where time is of the essence but the emphasis is on your relaxation and well-being. I can treat individuals in the workplace (minimum of 5) or I can also offer corporate Reflexology sessions that reward and revitalise your hard working staff. Alternatively, you can pop in to see me for a half hour session in your lunch break or after a tiring day at work. To enquire about these sessions and find out more, please call me on 07957 666291 or 01843 580191.
What will it feel like?

I promise it won’t tickle! It can occasionally feel a little uncomfortable and sometimes even tender or sore. These sensations normally pass quickly and indicate that there is a congestion or imbalance in the corresponding part of your body. It is important that you let me know at any stage if you are experiencing discomfort so I can adjust the pressure but still work towards balancing that area.  Overall, you should have a deeply relaxing experience that far outweighs any discomfort.
Are there any side effects from Reflexology treatment?

Following a Reflexology treatment, you my feel deeply relaxed or you may feel revitalised and full of energy – everyone responds to treatment differently. In some cases, because we are working towards releasing blockages and removing toxins from the body, you may feel slightly tired or nauseous, have a headache or need to visit the bathroom more often. This is completely normal and part of the body’s natural healing process and is a good sign that your body is ridding itself of toxins. I recommend increasing the amount of water you drink, eating lighter meals and resting as much as possible.
How many sessions will I need?

You may need more than one or two sessions of Reflexology to fully benefit. The results of Reflexology are cumulative and it will depend upon your individual circumstances, but this will be discussed with you in detail before you commit to any course of treatment. Generally, I see people weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Can I claim back the cost of treatment through my healthcare provider?

As an AOR registered Reflexologist, some private health insurance plans do offer varying contributions towards treatment. These include BUPA, Medicare and Sovereign. Please call your provider for details.
How do I know you are qualified to practise Reflexology?

I am a registered member of the Association of Reflexologists, an organisation that holds a list of qualified Reflexology practitioners that must abide by a code of conduct and commit to continuing development. I am fully insured to practice and hold all my certificates of qualifications, professional membership and insurance if you would like to see them prior to receiving treatment.
Where can I find out more about Reflexology?

There are many historic and ongoing studies into Reflexology, its positive benefits and its effectiveness in reducing pain, enhancing relaxation, improving sleep and minimising anxiety and depression just to name a few.
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